Systems Administrator

Company Name:
Softworld Inc
Job Number: 217287
Systems Administrator
Framingham, MA
Request for User Profiles either corporate or Domain controller incidents (Domain Controller related issues, add or delete)
Active Directory, User profile, reset passwords
Set up new accounts and maintain old ones.
Provide System administration for Windows and IBM products.
Perform system support for enterprise environment
Group policy, GPOS
iSeries experience (preferred)
Log Request for SCAN Access form on shared drive or SharePoint site for Audit
Maintain Current List of all users - download and combine in spreadsheet
ITIM emails Terminations and Transfers received and forward to the appropriate DC for confirmation that an action has been completed.
Review report for Default passwords by DC
Review report new Special Authorities User last seven days - Review supporting request form
Safe List review
Review Disable Profiles
Work with IT security
Security Briefing of personnel
Evaluation of existing profiles
THIRD PARTY AGENCIES, SUBCONTRACTORS, AND RECRUITERS NEED NOT APPLY. Applicants received from firms will not be considered. Subcontracting is not available for this position.

Don't Be Fooled

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